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About our tools:

Narwhal Labs is well-equipped with a wide variety of woodworking tools and equipment available for your use. We have the following major tools and equipment in addition to basic cordless and hand tools.

Tool Type Make/Model Notes
Table Saw Sawstop Professional Cabinet Saw 1.75HP, 10" blade, 36" T-Glide Fence, 50T combo blade
Band Saw Jet 14" 1HP, magswitch fence & accessories, multiple blades available
Drill Press Ridgid LED1500 3/4HP, 1/2" Keyless Chuck
Planer DeWalt DW735 Upgraded with carbide helical head
Drum Sander JET 1632 Light passes only
Lathe Jet  
Miter Saw Festool Kapex Festool blades only
Track Saw Festool TS55 50" and 106" tracks available
Router Festool OF1500EQ Also works with tracksaw tracks
Sander Festool ETS EC 125 EQ Plus MUST use with dust extractor 3mm stroke
Sander Festool ETS125REQ Finish sanding - 5/64 Stroke - Dust extraction recommended
Dust Collector Rockler 750CFM (x2)

Woodworking Equipment Training and Sign-Off

Woodworking tools are available for all members to use. While there is not a specific sign-off process on individual tools, members must be directly supervised by a staff or designated shop mentor while using any woodworking tools. Please discuss any project and woodworking tool use with a staff or designated shop mentor prior to using it. If you are in any way unsure about how to use a tool, please ask for demonstration and instruction. Staff or shop mentors may intervene if they see unsafe practices in the wood shop.