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Narwhal Labs

Narwhal Labs is a community and makerspace that encourages and supports creative building, learning, and experimentation.

Located in Bristol, Rhode Island, Narwhal Labs is a makerspace at TotalBoat Headquarters that provides public access to knowledge, community, tools and equipment several days a week.

Check out Narwhal Labs on:
Github (Including project plans, files and more)

Operation and Safety of Tools at Narwhal Labs

Epoxy and Finishes

Main Article: Epoxy and Finishes at Narwhal Labs Information about the TotalBoat Epoxies and finishes available in Narwhal Labs

3D Printing

Main Article: 3D Printing at Narwhal Labs General information on 3D printing and specific information about the 3D printing equipment and resources available at Narwhal Labs

Laser Cutting and Engraving

Main Article: Laser Cutting and Engraving at Narwhal Labs General information on Laser Cutting and Engraving, feeds and speeds, safety with the Thunder Laser Nova35 at Narwhal Labs.

CNC Machining

Main Article: CNC Machining at Narwhal Labs General information on CNC routers, our equipment at Narwhal Labs, CAD/CAM/Control Software, feeds and speeds, and safety.

Vinyl and Craft Cutters

Main Article:Vinyl and Craft Cutters at Narwhal Labs General information on our vinyl and craft cutters, their software, and materials.

Woodworking Tools and Equipment

Main Article:Woodworking Tools and Equipment at Narwhal Labs Information our available woodworking tools, rules and safety at Narwhal Labs

Metalworking Tools and Equipment

Main Article:Metalworking Tools and Equipment at Narwhal Labs General information about our metalworking tools and safety, as well as specific information for our CNC plasma table.