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Metalworking Tools at Narwhal Labs

Available Tools:

Tool Type Make/Model Notes
CNC Plasma Langmuir Crossfire XL Paired with RazorCut 45 plasma cutter - uses hypertherm consumables
MP Welder Vulcan OmniPro 220 MIG/TIG/Stick capability. 100% argon and 75/25 available. Wire and rod available. Tweco style consumables
Horizontal Band Saw Harbor Freight/Central 64 1/2" Blade Length. 1HP
Porta-Band Harbor Freight/Bauer Porta-Band with Swag Table. Uses standard milwaukee porta-band blades.
Belt Grinder Ameribrade 2x72 1HP VFD controlled variable speed. Work Rest+Horizontal Tilt
Shop Press Harbor Freight/Central Basic 12 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press
Sheet Metal Brake Harbor Freight/Central 36" Metal Brake. Max recommended thickness, 16ga steel

Metalworking tools are available for all members to use. While there is not a specific sign-off process on individual tools, members must be directly supervised by a staff or designated shop mentor while using any metalworking tools. Please discuss any project and metalworking tool use with a staff or designated shop mentor prior to using it. If you are in any way unsure about how to use a tool, please ask for demonstration and instruction. Staff or shop mentors may intervene if they see unsafe practices in the metal lab. You must use all appropriate PPE at all times when working in the metal lab. Auto-darkening welding hoods, fire retardant jackets in sizes M-XXL, welding gloves in sizes M-XL, Nitrile coated fabric gloves, and safety toe covers in sizes S-L are available to all members for use.

If you plan to use the CNC Plasma Table for the first time, you must ask a staff member or shop mentor to provide a demonstration on the startup and run procedures, and safety information for this machine. We can provide demonstration and instruction on any tools/processes on an on-going and as-needed basis. Questions and demonstrations are always encouraged to make sure you work safe in our space.

CNC Plasma Table Notes:

Please reference Langmuir System's Documentation for the following:

Tested Feeds & Speeds

Material Feed Rate Plasma Amperage Notes
16ga mild steel 40IPM 25-30 Good cut quality - dross easiest to grind off, does not chip easily
1/4" mild steel 20IPM 30-35 Good cut quality - dross easily removed with chipping hammer.